People who ask... get.

It's that simple.

Stop believing you're not ready. 😘

It’s Time To Live In A Reality Where

Your Passion Overpowers Your Fear ❤

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    It’s time to put an end to the self doubt, survival tactics, frustration, and the stress about your future.

    One of the main reasons I started coaching and built my Signature Program 'Money Momentum Begins with the 1st Step' is why I have created this Journal. I'm giving you a kick start in the butt to start dreaming, writing them down and take action - now!

    I saw (and still do!) too many people who have settled for what is - or given up ever living their dream life. That broke my heart, because I was very familiar with that story....

    Back in 1999, when I was 38, I had what I call my version of a mid-life crisis. Single with 2 teenage boys, finalizing my 2nd divorce and suffering from anxiety & depression, I had pretty much lost hope of ever getting ‘it right’. However, with debt increasing, and deep in the weeds of surviving, I got the opportunity to re-write my story.

    It's your turn ❤

    No more feeling stuck in your journey or confused about where and what to do next.

    With some simple mindset shifts, you can change the way you think. I want to help you get unstuck - get rid of the excuses and stories (that justify your lack!).

    I want you to face your future with confidence and achieving and living those dreams you never thought were possible!

    My client Rebecca, had a dream to record her own CD and go to another country on a humanity mission to make a difference. She had put them on the back burner for so long, it took some bravery to pull them to the front.

    3 years later - she had accomplished them both. Why? Because she made them real and actually stepped into the possibility of achieving both of them, and took action!

    How freaking cool is that! And I see it happen over and over again with my clients. It just starts with a simple mindset shift to change the way you think so you can get unstuck and push forward to the next level.

    Or there's Karen story; she always wanted to own her own horse and ride since she was a little girl. Now in her 50's, her hips needed replacing and she had given up on that dream. Well, until I got a hold of her! With a new inspired motivation, belief and confidence....she got new hips and started riding her friends horse soon after she healed from the surgery! And I'm please to say that she just bought her OWN horse a few weeks ago 🙌😎❤ (once a dream she had given up on)

    If you could be, do, and have anything, right now, what would you ask for? Do you know? Have you given up?

    Being happy, wealthy or successful on any level is friggin difficult if you’re not clear about what you want! Don’t let the years pass by, and then look back with regrets.

    As a coach, I’ve encountered two types of women
    (and lots in between )...

    The Mover, Shaker, and Doer. She knows what she wants. There’s a plan of action that motivates her and she’s inspired by her value based goals. She’s created boundaries, she’s focused and has built up her courage to take risks so she can achieve and live her dreams. (Unapologetically!)

    The Wanderer. She has no clear focus. Chaos and stress are generally the flavor of the day. She’s overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start. She struggles to ask for what she wants, afraid to say ‘No’ because she has no clear boundaries. Self-care? Ha, what’s that? She’s settling, but she doesn’t know how or what to do. (And in many cases, embarrassed as hell to admit that to anyone!)

    How would it feel to have unimaginable clarity and focus with an inspiring action plan?

    Just in case you forgot - your thoughts are giant magnets, attracting the people around you and opportunities that come your way!

    So no more stinking thinking!
    The Universe is listening!

    I want you to focus your thoughts on what lights you up and ignite that inner drive that exists inside of youevery day!

    (Even if they feel like a sizzled fire that just got water thrown on it)!

    If you can dream it - it can come true. It wouldn’t exist in your imagination if it wasn’t possible.

    When I stepped into the drivers seat in my life, it was a game changer!

    If I can create a new story about who I was and what I wanted with clarity and confidence...

    So can you!

    As we like to say in golf... it's a gimme!

    (For those of you that don't know me - golf is my jam,

    and I play (LOTS) unapologetically!😎⛳🏌️‍♀️)

    I want you to be your best self, and help you get out of your own way and mostly…

    Have some fun, believe and remember that faith conquers fear. Every time. Without fail.

    See you inside..❤